The info-feed is the core of TNN. Updated daily (and sometimes multiple times a day) with fresh information and recommendations each post is unique and goes through a strict set of criteria to maximise relevancy. As the community grows new post types will likely emerge but presently the following post types make up the majority of the feed:

READ: A carefully selected report, news item or blog post based on a distinct set of criteria that includes insight and analysis. WATCH: A recommended video (or playlist) from a conference, interview or other source. DATA: Analysis of a data set or graph that fits with TNN goals and group interests. DEEP DIVE: An in-depth look at a platform (Netflix), organisation (IBM) or entity (Deep Mind) including and overview, recent developments, issues and analysis including likely immediate future. THOUGHT: A curated original thought-leadership style piece from a TNN Curator, friend or partner.  TOOL: A recommendation to use something (tool/platform) based on specific criteria and direct interaction with the recommendation. BOOK: A book recommendation or review (usually with a members-only discount), some PDFs of full books for free. EVENT: An event recommendation (often with a members-only discount). OFFER: A specific and usually members-only offer from TNN friends, partners or carefully selected outside entities. JOB: Either a single or curated selection of job opening gained from several sources (some only put on TNN). LINKS: A collection of five links on a specific platform (Facebook) or subjects (A.I.).