HERE/FORTH Launches New Product : #social_lens

HERE/FORTH is proud to launch our latest service, #social_lens.  Focused on social technologies, the service helps busy executives who need actionable insights not just regurgitated news.  #social_lens features analysis and platform deep dives besides the main focus - the weekly round-up. Using a private Slack channel, #social_lens covers Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube and Google+ (along with other companies of interest).  Subscribers can receive alerts, network with other subscribers and ask questions in a safe environment.

Launch subscribers include executives from HSBC, Virgin Media, Snapchat, Maxus, Shell and Cyber-Duck who join others subscribers from companies including Santander, Apple, Google, SABMiller, Samsung, Mindshare, Citygroup amongst others.

#social_lens is the perfect companion to help busy brand and agency executives who are frustrated they are bombarded by ‘news’ but missing important insights and strategic help. Beyond great information in a digestible format, #social_lens enables subscribers to network, ask questions and stay ahead in the increasingly fast-moving and complex social technologies arenas.
— Paul Armstrong [HERE/FORTH, CEO]


C_NCENTRATE 2016 Survey Results


Over 300 subscribers recently answered our newsletter survey.  Here are the topline results but look out over the next few weeks for some changes.  

The top bit still rules but you want more.
- We heard the 78% loud and clear - the top bit will be untouched.  The links section is a very close second favourite with 'Use It' coming in last so we are thinking of using that space for something else.

You want to be able to share the content easier.
- Good to hear! We're looking into this.  Bear with us.

You like the Links section as text.
- We proposed moving the Links section to a more graphical interface but respondents overwhelmingly (78%) did not want this so we'll leave it as is.

You want even more strategic advice.
- 62% of respondents wanted more strategic advice so we're thinking about ways of breaking this out from the rest of the content.  The rest of the themes showed more variation, people want
MORE OF: Strategy, Big picture, Emerging markets, New tools, 
ABOUT RIGHT: Emerging technologies, Disruption, Startups, Social media, Advertising, Marketing, Video, Mobile
LESS OF: Time management, Work/life balance, Emerging markets

Some interesting nuggets
- The following nuggets came from the 'more comments' section of the survey.   We are considering trialling the following;  More retail info (no particular decision to stay away from it so we'll add some in), special editions (respondents like the varied nature of information but are also interested in 'Special' or 'Dedicated' issues - we're in, watch this space) and more Women (a couple of respondents wanted a Women's edition - we're researching this more too).


Company, Interesting, Helpful, Insight, C_NCENTRATE+5

C_NCENTRATE 2015 Survey Results


Thanks to the +150 subscribers who filled out the questionnaire about C_NCENTRATE - your help has helped make the newsletter be even better for 2016.  Overall it appears we're doing a good job of giving you what you "need" and "the good stuff" enabling you to get ready for the week ahead.  This is of course great news but we're not ones to stand still so there are a couple of changes happening based on interesting nuggets gleamed from what you told us;

_   You really like the READ section.  +75% said they'd cry if we took it we won't!  We're also going to add another link each week, add more images and will order the section by reading time.

_  Strategy, strategy, strategy.  +50% of you need more strategy in your lives so we'll make sure to give you more of that in 2016.

_   You like more of the big picture.  75% of those that responded want to see more of this so that's what you'll get.  In the same vein there will be a slight decrease in the following areas; advertising, free time and social media

_   You'd like a meet-up.  Without prompting, 33% of you want to meet more C_NCENTRATE-RS, we'll be looking into this in early 2016 - watch this space.  

_   You'd like to ask us questions.  25% would like to see a question answered each week.  We'll think of the best way to do this and trail it.

_   You miss 'This week saw..." section.  This is coming back but in a different this space.

General updates:  We're going to be offering a little less on video, advertising and the workplace help.  We're also going to say 'goodbye' to the C_NCENTRATE+5 blog posts on the web - whilst decently clicked on we're going to be focusing on the HERE/FORTH Flipboard magazine so subscribe over there for more links.






Insight, Interesting, Helpful, C_NCENTRATE+5

2015 MCL - The Year In C_NCENTRATE


With more than 15,000 subscribers, the C_NCENTRATE newsletter is now read regularly in all four corners of the globe and continues to grow steadily.  We took a look back at what got subscribers clicking and have created a Top 10 Most Clicked Links of C_NCENTRATE 2015. 
Interesting points: content marketing does not feature in the 2015 list (despite being strongly represented in the 2014 Top 10 Links list), there has been a 200% increase of productivity and strategic advice links in this year's Top 10 compared to 2014 (likely based on the subscriber feedback from 2013).  Roughly the same amount of video made the Top 10 with Uber's Uber Rush intro video being the first of its kind to make the list.

1)  What your 2016 Video Strategy Should Look Like [#50]
2)  How To Plan Any Presentation [Video] [#25]
3)  How To Work 40 Hours A Week Sending These Two Emails [#28]
4)  The 30-Second Habit That Has A Lifelong Impact [#43]
5)  Introducing Uber Rush [Video] [#42]
6)  What Google Really Knows About You [#40]
7)  Why Startups Succeed [#30]
8)  Why Scientists Are Upset With The Facebook Bubble Filter Experiment [#19] 
9)  How To Write An Email That Convinces Anyone To Meet With You [#29]
10) Infrastructure For Modern Brands [#36]

(NOTE: Numbers were adjusted for size of list at the time of sending)

C_NCENTRATE +5 - 09/13

5 links that aren't in the C_NCENTRATE newsletter.  Please share them with your colleagues and friends.  

[1]  Adblock Plus launches on Android and iOS, further problems for ad industry.  [3m]
[2]  Moving beyond the Marketing plan so you remain relevant.  [10m]
[3]  What really matters at the end of life. [10m]
[4]  A tool (!) to find out if should you build a tool or just buy it? . [5m]
[5]  App lifecycle engagement. [10m]

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C_NCENTRATE +5 - 08/02

5 links that aren't in the C_NCENTRATE newsletter.  Please share them with your colleagues and friends.  

[1]  To phrases that are about to replace 'Sharing Economy".  [4m]
[2]  16 trends that will define the future of the gaming industry.  [8m]
[3]  Gladwell on the Facebook problem, the Snapchat problem and the AirBnB problem. [5m]
[4]  How to question what you "know" about strategy. [5m]
[5]  Here is the periodic table of eCommerce. [3m]

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C_NCENTRATE +5 - 19/07

5 links that aren't in the C_NCENTRATE newsletter.  Please share them with your colleagues and friends.  

[1]  Is this the next big disruptor for online shopping?  [4m]
[2]  YouTube numbers are going up, up and...away? [4m]
[3]  News Corp has bought interesting purchase. [5m]
[4]  Facebook Stores...will this time be any different?  It just might be. [4m]
[5]  This might just be the best ad you'll see this year. [3m]

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