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C_NCENTRATE +5 - 1/03

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[1]  MUST READ : Brands are not your friends. [3m]
[2]  The difference between contextual marketing and personalisation. [6m]
[3]  The periodic table of VC bloggers. [4m]
[4]  NOVEMBER : You need to go to this conference. [1m]
[5]  Microdonations never looked so good. [3m]

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C_NCENTRATE / [27/7]

A little bit extra not in C_NCENTRATE every Sunday.  Please share this post if you find them useful.

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_  Why you should be worried about canvas fingerprinting.

_ The Internet of Things has topped $1bn in funding.

_ The next big thing in computer memory.

_  How Toyota solves big problems.

_  The VC industry is changing.