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2015 Trend Reports worth reading

We thought we'd read and evaluate the trend wrap ups for 2015 so you don't have to but then we saw just how many there were and quickly back-tracked, randomly picked three and listed the best of the rest!  We've scored out of ten and ranked the individual themes level of likelihood of happening from 1-7 (1 = extremely unlikely, 7 = extremely likely) for the expanded reviews below.  

Look out for HERE/FORTH predictions next week.

FORBES (Jason DeMeyers)
Main themes: Ello success (4), Facebook ad price hike (6), Twitter ads popularise (4), Google+ will fade away (3), Instagram will become essential (3), LinkedIn will widen gap for B2B (5) and social media embraced as core pillar of content marketing (3).  
- Overall not a bad piece - some overreaching statements (Instagram / social media as core pillar) and some interesting points regarding ad focuses of major platforms.  5/10

CARAT (Multiple)
Main themes: Simplification (7), Video Ads (7), Voice (5), New News Sites (7), Emoji (7), Robots (7).  
- Mostly safe bets and some interesting nuggets (Paying-to-go-free) - the inclusion of smart data points to back up sections are well thought out.  7/10

FORD (Multiple)
Main themes: Health (5), Privacy (7), Carry-less (7), Millenials (7), Escapism (7), Failure (5).  
- Pretty self-serving but overall some new names, good cultural difference work and nice design .  7/10

Other round-ups, trends and prediction pieces (*=recommended):
JACK MORTON - What people will want from brands in 2015.  (General stuff here)
EVERPLACES - Mobile Trends for destination marketing in 2015.  (Good , specific read)
TRENDWATCHING - 10 Latin Trends for 2015 / 10 Asian Trends for 2015.  (Some interesting points)
*JWT - Future of Payments and Currency. (Good round-up)
SPARKS & HONEY - A-Z of Culture for 2015.  (More a round-up of 2014)
*GSW - 2015 Health Trends. (Some smart thinking an observation in here)
WEBBMEDIA GROUP - 2015 Tech Trends. (Interesting format but lacking new thinking)
*FUTURE FOUNDATION - #Trending2015. (Great stuff in here - fresh thinking)
TOMORROW GROUP - Retail : Now & Next. (Lots to gleam/think about here)
JWT - The Future 100. (Lots of interesting titling and observations) 
*LINKEDIN - Global Recruiting Trend for 2015. (Good insight and data)
BEYOND - 2015 Trends Report. (Interesting takes here)
*CIO - 5 Security Trends That Will Dominate 2015. (Smart thinking)
*GARTNER - Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2015. (Always quality work)
FORRESTER - Top 2015 Predictions. (Purchase report-bait)
*FORD - 2015 Trends with Ford. (Some savvy work - and [sigh] PPT fodder - here) 

Got one we missed?  We're going to update this so let us know!

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5 newsletters we follow (that you should too).

Newsletter are the lifeblood for many executives - it's why we decided to make the 15 Minute Executive email based.  In fact, 60% of CEOs say [per Quartz] they turn to email newsletters first in the morning and that they are a primary source of information that helps them do their job better.

Here are 5 of the best that we can't live without.  Leave yours "must-subscribes" in the comments:

_  MOBILE : Benedict Evans : the perfect round-up of mobile news - Analyst, Commentator and consummate professional - Evans is one of the industry's smartest people.

_  UX/UE : Newfangled : Smart advice curated by folks who are obsessed with everything design and user-focused.  The passion just pours off the page. 

_  GENERAL : TodayInTabs : Rusty Foster's browser history must be an interesting place to be based on the variety of content put out in the newsletter - something for everyone and at least three people you know - get ready to be the smart one of the group.

_  MEDIA : Monday Note : Written by two genius vets of the industry (Frédéric Filloux and Jean-Louis Gassée), this newsletter is a must looking for in-depth analysis, thought and future-gazing on the economics of new models, content deals and trends of the ever-changing media industry.

_  TECHNOLOGY : MediaREDEF : Despite the name, this newsletter (curated by Jason Hirschhorn - ex-Myspace Co-President) covers much more than media - it's a one-stop-shop for everything that is big and going or or of interest on the internet right now (there's also a dedicated fashion newsletter too).


HONOURABLE MENTIONS:  Brain Pickings (Curios, Internet),  Daily Brief (Quartz), Farnam Street, 99U (Psychology), The Measurement Advisor (Social, Digital), Charged (Technology), Netted (Internet) and Centre for Data Innovation (Data).


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