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Banks seek to end Twitter fiascos with social media guidelines []

New guidelines (dubbed 'The Social Media Charter') are being drafted by the Financial Conduct Authority which mean banks and finance companies can become certified after they have completed any changes required under the new guidelines.  Paul Armstrong, HERE/FORTH's CEO, was asked by the FT about working with financial sector clients and the industry issues surrounding this type of client.

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It’s like trying to take a penalty kick, but you don’t know how big the goal is.
— Paul Armstrong


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The top 10 most clicked links from the C_NCENTRATE newsletter (sign up) between January 1 and June 1 are listed below - always interesting to see what subscribers click on.  

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The list suggests a clear focus on productivity - perhaps unsurprisingly since it was the first half of the year when people evaluate and strive to alter behaviours and ways of working for the coming year.  Look out for further round ups and research from the C_NCENTRATE community soon.