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C_NCENTRATE +5 - 14/12

An extra shot of C_NCENTRATE that doesn't appear in the newsletter - a bit different this week - this is a collection of books we think you should be reading right now.  

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_  "Weak messages create bad situations" / David Shrigley - a great call to arms.
_  "To Sell is Human..." / Daniel Pink [Out Jan 16] - selling has moved on, have you?
_  "Storyscaping" / Gaston Legoburu - immersive experiences are the future.
_  "Marketing Excellence 3" / Hugh Burkitt - case study porn that is worth your time.
_  "Read Me." / Horberry & Lingwood - "Most people think they can write, most people are wrong".
_ BONUS! "The Ideas Book" / Kevin Duncan - Smart, practical advice - pockesized

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