HERE/FORTH Launches New Product : #social_lens

HERE/FORTH is proud to launch our latest service, #social_lens.  Focused on social technologies, the service helps busy executives who need actionable insights not just regurgitated news.  #social_lens features analysis and platform deep dives besides the main focus - the weekly round-up. Using a private Slack channel, #social_lens covers Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube and Google+ (along with other companies of interest).  Subscribers can receive alerts, network with other subscribers and ask questions in a safe environment.

Launch subscribers include executives from HSBC, Virgin Media, Snapchat, Maxus, Shell and Cyber-Duck who join others subscribers from companies including Santander, Apple, Google, SABMiller, Samsung, Mindshare, Citygroup amongst others.

#social_lens is the perfect companion to help busy brand and agency executives who are frustrated they are bombarded by ‘news’ but missing important insights and strategic help. Beyond great information in a digestible format, #social_lens enables subscribers to network, ask questions and stay ahead in the increasingly fast-moving and complex social technologies arenas.
— Paul Armstrong [HERE/FORTH, CEO]


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