C_NCENTRATE +5 - 06/04

5 links that aren't in the C_NCENTRATE newsletter.  Please share them with your colleagues and friends.

[1]  How MIllenials select vendors. [4m]
[2]  Are you using the right mental models? [4m]
[3]  BlippAR now has a browser. [4m]
[4]  You need to go to this conference. [1m]
[5]  Four things you can learn from UX/UI designers. [6m]

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C_NCENTRATE +5 / [6/7]

This is a new feature we're starting because some of you just can't get enough of our links on C_NCENTRATE every Sunday.  Please share them if you find them useful.

1_ Worried about the Facebook experiment we know about?  They've done hundreds more...

2_ Google is messing up the "right to be forgotten".

3_ What Is The Ultimate Marketing Machine?

4_ This is a wearable we could actually see working.

5_ Watch this to learn how Millennials really connect.