How people ACTUALLY use their iPhone

Interesting data that shows how people are actually using their mobile devices.  Gaming still the top activity that keeps people's attention, which explains a lot of brands attempting to get into the gaming arena with either re-branded versions of existing games (e.g. Minion Run based on the popular Temple Run), simple ad-buys within popular games or simpler branded games based on popular games like noughts and crosses or bingo. 

Gaming is an area that has a series of nuances that mobile really plays well into - from a psychology and context perspective it's the perfect storm; frustration, immediate fixes and the ability to access a wallet.  Probably why it's expected to rake in $9bn in 2016 (per Juniper).  That's not small money... But it's important to realise it's not the only reason people use their mobile device...Facebook and other apps still take up a hefty percentage of time - utility will never go out of fashion so be clear on your value propositions from the start.