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_  IBM's Watson is now public access.
_  Have YOU asked Twitter for a button?  Netflix did.
_  Dark Social just got a little less dark.  

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Are you measuring Dark Social? [Guardian]

HERE/FORTH Founder, Paul Armstrong, has been asked to write regularly for The Guardian and his first piece went live today.  In the piece he gives practical advice for people looking to measure Dark Social - the vast amount of sharing that is currently being mis-analysed the world over...  

Recent data from RadiumOne suggested that 72% of sharing is copying and pasting. However, delving further into the data we find that it varies between sectors. Sharing information about cars via dark platforms, for example, is more than double that for sport (38.3%), FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) clients can expect to see about 61% of their traffic from dark platforms. This data is interesting in itself but the behaviours surrounding FMCG and finance, for instance, are very different, as people are fine to share their musical tastes but are less likely to talk about their bank account.
— Paul Armstrong