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5 newsletters we follow (that you should too).

Newsletter are the lifeblood for many executives - it's why we decided to make the 15 Minute Executive email based.  In fact, 60% of CEOs say [per Quartz] they turn to email newsletters first in the morning and that they are a primary source of information that helps them do their job better.

Here are 5 of the best that we can't live without.  Leave yours "must-subscribes" in the comments:

_  MOBILE : Benedict Evans : the perfect round-up of mobile news - Analyst, Commentator and consummate professional - Evans is one of the industry's smartest people.

_  UX/UE : Newfangled : Smart advice curated by folks who are obsessed with everything design and user-focused.  The passion just pours off the page. 

_  GENERAL : TodayInTabs : Rusty Foster's browser history must be an interesting place to be based on the variety of content put out in the newsletter - something for everyone and at least three people you know - get ready to be the smart one of the group.

_  MEDIA : Monday Note : Written by two genius vets of the industry (Frédéric Filloux and Jean-Louis Gassée), this newsletter is a must looking for in-depth analysis, thought and future-gazing on the economics of new models, content deals and trends of the ever-changing media industry.

_  TECHNOLOGY : MediaREDEF : Despite the name, this newsletter (curated by Jason Hirschhorn - ex-Myspace Co-President) covers much more than media - it's a one-stop-shop for everything that is big and going or or of interest on the internet right now (there's also a dedicated fashion newsletter too).


HONOURABLE MENTIONS:  Brain Pickings (Curios, Internet),  Daily Brief (Quartz), Farnam Street, 99U (Psychology), The Measurement Advisor (Social, Digital), Charged (Technology), Netted (Internet) and Centre for Data Innovation (Data).