C_NCENTRATE +5 - 01/02

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[1]  It's time you met more people during your lunch break.  [5m]
[2]  Google Now is about to get a lot more useful. [6m]
[3]  Elite Daily has sold to the Daily Mail for $50million. [4m]
[4]  'Vine Kids' is exactly what it sounds like.  What's the strategy? [5m]
[5]  Amazon's 'Echo' is doubling down on music. [3m]

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Twitch is bought by Amazon - what does it mean? []

As Twitch (the video gaming video network) is bought by Amazon for a sum near $1billion, the Financial Times asked HERE/FORTH CEO, Paul Armstrong, for his thoughts about what this means for Amazon now and in the future.

Amazon doesn’t really have a stake in this game,” said Paul Armstrong, a consultant at Here/Forth. “This doesn’t mean it has a YouTube, but it means it has the potential for one.
— Paul Armstrong