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5 ways you could be using Twitter better


Twitter is a noisy, complex beast at the best of times but it shouldn't mean you can't get value from it easily.  The following five tips will help any user use Twitter better.  Let us know your top tips in the comments and we'll update the list.

1)  Use Twitter Cards
- This is key area where people think they have to a) spend money and b) have a lot of technical knowledge but neither is true.  Head on over to and use John Patterson's step by step guide to get started.

2)  Use textual images to extend tweets
- Check out this example to see what we mean.  140 characters can now be extended...

3)  Identify tweets that have been retweeted and favourited multiple times
- Using the following search query in Twitter Search will return results that feature your search term which have been retweeted or favourited a set number of times.  Change the elements in bold - "future" could easily be a phrase, brand name, competitor handle - a useful way to find content that travels and who tweeted it.  TweetDeck also has this built in.

"future min_retweets:5 OR min_faves:5"

4) Know who your followers ACTUALLY are.

- As a platform Twitter is particularly weak when it comes to signals like intent, interests and personality - a lot is extrapolated and interpreted.  Using the right tools is therefore imperative for ongoing success and course corrections.  DemographicsPro is one of the most intricate tools we've seen in a while giving rich data about brands followed, marital status, occupation and a long list beyond this.

5)  Embed relevant tweets in blog posts with clear CTA's

- Like this. ;)