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C_NCENTRATE +5 - 24/08

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_  This plug-in labels Native Advertising.

_  How long before you "give it a shot"?

_  Content audits just got a lot simpler...sort of.


Are you creating "Brandfill"?

HERE/FORTHs, Paul Armstrong, was recently asked for comment by the Guardian about the emerging trends in Content Marketing and what brands should be careful of.  

Get ready for some harsh truth...

The theme may be newsworthy, but it will do little to build their brand values – and could even damage them, Armstrong warns. “Brands are jumping on the news of the moment and putting something out for clicks and engagement. But my worry is, what does it do for them in the long term? It stays in people’s minds.” He wonders whether some of the brand activity surrounding the Royal baby – he mentions ads by Oreo and Coke – really have enough synergy with the event to justify their activities. Oreo tweeted a picture of a baby’s bottle on a stately looking cushion, with an Oreo biscuit balanced beside it.
— Paul Armstrong