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2019 C_NCENTRATE Reader Feedback Results

Galen Crout @galen_crout

C_NCENTRATE, HERE/FORTH’s newsletter, hit a milestone recently (500 Issues) so we felt we’d ask the +20,000 subscribers to let us have it in order to improve. Moving forward we’re going to move our focus back on the more emerging side of things; territories, technologies, tools and ideas. See below for the shuffle of priorities based on your feedback

Overall we’re serving readers well with 54.8% of respondents awarding C_NCENTRATE an A* (32 = B and 12.9 = C). 38.7% believe that C_NCENTRATE is getting better while 51.6% believe the quality hasn’t changed. If C_NCENTRATE was a paid-for platform (don’t worry, we’re not changing) people would pay $2-8 per month.

Moving forward, readers want us to focus more on topics like strategy and big-picture analysis which, considering the upheaval going on in various isn’t too surprising. Aside from tidying up the design a bit, here is the list of what we’ll be focusing more/less on:


Strategy, AI, big-picture analysis, startups, emerging technologies, emerging markets, new tools, events, consumer insights


Social Media, video, advertising, mobile, big data, campaigns

Other changes/POI:
- You’d like us to do interviews/video - we’ll have a think about these.
- China is an increasing focus - noted, we’ll source more relevant content about that fascinating area.
- Thought of the week - we’ll test this out
- More meet-up events - this will be tough with a planned geography change (LA as of Jan, but we’ll see what we can do for the Brits!).
- You’re interested in how to reach Gen Z - noted, we’ll grab some insight in this area
- Loyalty - noted - more on retention as well as acquisition

Oh, and we’ll work on Pocket integration asap, Mailchimp doesn’t have it yet. ;)

NOTE: Final sample size n=7,253, optional incentive used.