HERE/FORTH is a future technology advisory. We help business leaders decide how to best use rapidly changing and emerging technologies to create resilience for today (HERE) and tomorrow (/FORTH)

Founded by Paul Armstrong (author of ‘Disruptive Technologies’, Myspace, Mindshare), HERE/FORTH works with agencies and brands including Coca-Cola, Omnicom, PwC, P&G, MEC, O2, Coutts, Camelot, Brooklyn Brothers, Sony Music amongst others. HERE/FORTH created TBD (Technology. Behaviour. Data.) the yearly conference, that is a challenging reset for modern brands and agencies. Attendees dubbed TBD 'TED…without the BS” in its first year.

HERE/FORTH also offers a range of knowledge products; The New Normal (TNN) is a subscription platform that helps executives gain insights and see the big picture about the future, ‘What Did Amazon Do This Week?’, a dedicated newsletter that provides analysis, insight and a full picture of the world’s most valuable company and 8ight, the “eat-up” for smart, interesting people who like smart, interesting people. [MORE

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