Frustrated you aren't getting usable insight about the future?  JOIN TNN.
Unsure about how the future will affect you...the world?  JOIN TNN.
Worried you're not able to sell in new projects/ideas/technology?  JOIN TNN.


The world is changing. People are less confident and that makes decision-making harder. A cost-effective, always-on approach is needed to combat short-termism and stand out. Knowing what counts and why is now business critical.

Enter TNN - The New Normal.

WHAT: A private community and online resource/hub (powered by Slack) that provides a curated selection of live-streamed events, exclusive PoVs, analyst round-ups, reports, job openings, interviews with high profile business leads, single topic 'must-read' roundups, exclusive offers, impromptu evening drink events and career advice from a range of professionals throughout the year. Ask questions, search for inspiration, network, or ask for help - the varied community has got your back.

EXTRA: 24x a year, a ‘speak-up’ happens with three specific elements; 1) a keynote (a single prolific speaker (or panel) addresses the community in person), 2) Help desk (where specific issues/needs can be raised to see if the group can help) and 3) sales training (where members learn how to better sell in ideas/projects whether it is on stage, at a pitch or to senior people). Every speak-up is recorded so the whole group can access it via the Slack community. 

FEE: $50 a month or pay yearly ($500) and you get two months free. 5% goes to charity (chosen by the community every 6 months).

WHO: Upcoming speakers include: the mighty Bruce Daisley, tech juggernaut Wired, the always refreshing Coca-Cola, the never-knowingly undersold Trendwatching, the ahhhhh-inducing What3Words amongst others.

LOCATION: HQ (Farringdon), every other Tuesday @ 8am. (NOTE: Members only can attend)





Jon /// Analyst

"I joined TNN to better understand how things are changing that will directly (or indirectly) impact our business. I've met and heard from incredibly smart people I wouldn't normally have had access to."


Sedge /// MD

"TNN helps me identify what's coming, new business and new talent. The Slack channel really saves me time and I find myself searching the feed between speak-ups because I saw something I can use."

Georgina Headshot 2016.jpg.jpeg

George /// VP

"Join TNN if you want to get the right picture of the future and help your career. [TNN is]...full of insights and analysis that you don't get anywhere else. "

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Willoughby /// Strategist

"The selling element of TNN is incredibly helpful. Learning how to get people on-board with new issues and areas has been invaluable to me."


Marla /// CEO

"I am addicted to [TNN's] Slack feed. Insightful information with no fluff helps me sign clients and service existing ones in new ways."