HERE/FORTH is a future technology consultancy helping business leaders decide how to best use rapidly changing and emerging technologies.

We are your trusted advisors helping create resilient businesses for today (HERE) and tomorrow (/FORTH) whether working on retainer or a short-term project. 

Founded by Paul Armstrong (Myspace, Mindshare), HERE/FORTH works with agencies and brands including Coca-Cola, DAS, PwC, P&G, MEC, O2, Coutts, Camelot, Brooklyn Brothers, Sony Music amongst others. HERE/FORTH also created and runs TBD (Technology Behaviour and Data) the yearly, one-day conference, that acts as a challenging reset for the modern brand or agency.

HERE/FORTH also offers a range of knowledge products; The New Normal (TNN) helps executives gain insights and see the big picture about the future (in addition to learning the future skills needed) and ‘What Did Amazon Do This Week?’, a dedicated newsletter that provides analysis, insight and a full picture of the world’s most valuable company.